About us

Greedybots is the work* of a husband-and-wife team, and spun off from CrinolineRobot.

Name    Mrs Robot
AKA     Mim
Makes   Pastry & puddings
Loves   Cheese, tea
Does    Words
Also    Blogs about vintage/retro/steampunk stuff at Crinolinerobot

Name    Mr Robot
AKA     Pete
Makes   An almighty mess with every pan in the house
Loves   Beer, bacon, burgers, baconburgers
Does    Pictures
Also    Blogs about photography at Gettins Images

Mission Statement?
Blither on in a mildly entertaining way on a semi-regular basis

Key Performance Indicators?
Some things done some times

What Does Success Look Like?
It needs a bigger belt

Spanish food is a favourite of ours, we love British classics like meat puddings and toad-in-the-hole, and we’re exploring more Asian cuisines thanks to a trip to Burma and a big pile of cookbooks. However, it’s fair to say we’ll try most things. We hope you enjoy trying them with us.

*By 'work', we mean 'futile attempt to justify our overeating

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